Analysis of ABC Submission to NIST SRE 2019 CMN and VAST Challenge


We present a condensed description and analysis of the joint submission of ABC team for NIST SRE 2019, by BUT, CRIM, Phonexia, Omilia and UAM. We concentrate on challenges that arose during development and we analyze the results obtained on the evaluation data and on our development sets. The conversational telephone speech (CMN2) condition is challenging for current state-of-the-art systems, mainly due to the language mismatch between training and test data. We show that a combination of adversarial domain adaptation, backend adaptation and score normalization can mitigate this mismatch. On the VAST condition, we demonstrate the importance of deploying diarization when dealing with multi-speaker utterances and the drastic improvements that can be obtained by combining audio and visual modalities.

Proc. Odyssey 2020 The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop